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A warts and all podcast about an ex lawyer and pa who, having retrained as teachers, have moved to Italy to start a new life! Sometimes this will be uplifting, sometimes it will be sad, but it will always be honest! Our lives and trials of living in a foreign country.

Aug 20, 2021

Welcome to the next episode of Our Lives In Italy podcast where we talk to famous people who also love Italy as much as us.

Today’s guest is Miranda Gore Browne, finalist in the first series of the Great British Bake Off.

Since the Bake Off Miranda has been busy creating her own website and cooking school and has worked with Kenwood, Aga and the Fairtrade campaign.

She's also preparing to launch her own podcast and jointly runs The Mindful Kitchen Company, which invites people to bake and cook together, eat together and learn simple breathing meditation techniques that can be used to enhance wellbeing and reduce stress in the workplace and beyond.

So sit back and relax while we talk about Bake Off secrets, holiday memories, and the love of food and all things Italian.