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A warts and all podcast about an ex lawyer and pa who, having retrained as teachers, have moved to Italy to start a new life! Sometimes this will be uplifting, sometimes it will be sad, but it will always be honest! Our lives and trials of living in a foreign country.

Sep 17, 2021

Today's podcast guest is the king of sourdough Dan Lepard.

Dan started his adult life treading the boards, then moved into fashion photography.  He then shifted careers to work as a pastry chef for people like Alastair Little, Sami Tamimi,  Yotam Ottolenghi, Fergus Henderson,  John Torode, Jeremy Lee and Giorgio Locatelli. 

Today, he's famous for being an authority on bread and baking, and has written several groundbreaking cookbooks such as Baking With Passion, The Handmade Loaf, and Short and Sweet.

So sit back and listen to us chatting about how he switched from being an aspiring star of the stage to fashion photographer for Italian Vogue, to world renowned authority on baking.

Newspaper articles mentioned in the podcast

  1. Dan's trip to Turin with several other bakers to the Salone de Gusto. -
  2. A review from The Independent at the time Dan was working with Giorgio Locatelli -
  3. An article from The Independent when Dan was working with Fergus Henderson at St. John. -
  4. An article from The Guardian where Dan reveals that ciabatta is not a bread from the distant past -
  5. Some of Dan's photography for Italian Vogue -